The Economist Innovation Award

Virtual GuruAs part of the Innovation Awards & Summit 2015, The Economist challenged entrants for the Competition Prize to answer the question:

“What’s your one big idea that would help large businesses become more innovative?”

This video was chosen runner-up by the editorial team of The Economist, selected among 100 global idea entries representing 29 countries.

Knowledge is power.

Are all your employees armed with what they need?

What if every employee in your organization had the same know-how as your most experienced, high-performing experts — without the time and expense of training?

Your tribal knowledge is sacred. What do you stand to lose if one of your star performers — someone with your proprietary secrets — walks out the door for the last time TODAY, and you have not captured that knowledge?

Virtual Guru®, the state-of-art, 24/7 knowledge transfer tool:

  • Protects the intellectual capital that is your organization’s lifeblood
  • Helps retain your star performers by giving them their due recognition
  • Reinforces and extends your strong culture of excellence
  • Builds bench strength by capturing the wisdom of your experts and making it available to everyone

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